2009. április 13., hétfő

Sensation White 2008 - Opening

Mint azt már mindenki tudja 2009. 05. 16-án Budapestre látogat a Holland gigaprodukció, a Sensation White a 2008-as show-val. Szeretném, hogy mindenki aki jön telitorokból harsogja a megnyitó szövegét. Ehhez adok most némi segítséget.

"Tonight will commence with an odyssey into the deep unknown. The underwater world is a metaphor for your psyche. The concept of depth is a reference to the purity of your mind. We will explore the spiritual of this within ourselves.

Welcome to Sensation.

This journey to the deep unveils secrets unsurpassed far beyond any expectation. You are about to discover yourself in a whole new light. Imagine how our thoughts come in waves and listen how all these waves set everything in motion. Take a deep breath and submerge into...

...The Ocean Of White."

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