2009. április 29., szerda

Majai - Lightwave

I Grab My Coat, I Grab My Keys, And Then I Realize
That You're Not Around, You're Far From Here
And I Can't Find... Another Way To Tell You How Much I Miss You So
I Had You, Then I Can't Believe I Let You Go

I Open The Blinds, The Sun Doesn't Shine, There's No Break In The Clouds
And My Friends Say: Leave It Alone, Let Fate Decide
Still I Try, Ask Reasons Why, We Should Be Alone
I Can Pretend, That You're Still My Friend, And It's You I Hold

Love Lights The Sky, Catch Wind From The Sun
A Glimpse You're Gone, I Keep Holding On
Over And Over, I See You There, But You're Not With Me
Tears To My Shoulders

I Can't Feel Without You
Ice Cold Chill Without You
I Can't Feel

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