2009. február 19., csütörtök

Tiesto feat Maxi Jazz - Dance4Life

You only take heed when you need to
You only take heed when you need to
And you need to

Come, let me brief you
Let you see where greed lead to
And you need to

Inspire the love inside your people
Our People, Equal
For teen for all known steeples, known spires
No more hellfires and please no more gunfire

Dance for life (x4)

Quench we people them thirst
Put them first
And when the floodgates burst
Come inside and we'll keep you strong

We protect the children of this new dawn
We properly skilled and we fear no storm
And what we're building will persevere long
After the wicked dem disappear

Justice, dues and rights gone clear
Me and the youth we're now gon' start this year
Me and the youth we are gon' start this year

Dance for life (x12)

HIV, AIDS is Lethal

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