2009. február 20., péntek

Armin van Buuren feat Susana - If you should go

A troubled mind in search

Of a bright neon bay

I swim to shore

The only route to take

Is perfection itself

The stars lead the way

As waves make oceans complete

Fate is the shell of my beat

O how I feel all that I need

Under my thoughts under my fears

Little things I know they're real

They make my soul complete

Little things and all they bring

Are fragments bitter sweet

Little things not everything

Coz glitter is no goal

Simple things are all I need

a friend to guide to hold

If you should go

(Go now)

I find myself alone

With no center no home

But I won't close my eyes

The thing I love the most

I'm letting you go

But I won't give up hope

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