2009. február 9., hétfő

2 Brothers On The 4th Floor - Never Alone

Black and white dancin' together

Side by side we'll make things better

You're never alone

Dancin' together

Side by side through stormy weather

You're never alone...


Never alone (x8)



I'm always on course with the force offcourse

Breakin' down doors, and no I won't pause.

Here's an injection to all the people,

don't you stop movin' cause we're all equal.

I'm the 3D2 and I'm here to help.

Stop the violence and help yourself,

to a better place for the human brace

Turn up the bass, time to rave.

It's universal

Let's do it now, no time for rehearsal.

Wave your hands for the masterplan

and jam with the man here to slam.

So throw your fist in the air and strive for peace

happiness and unity.

Can't you see we've got to make it better.

Black and white together.





It's time to wake up it's time to rise.

Let freedom ring for you and I.

We've got to take care of the world today.

Hear what I say, no time to play.

Save the ozone before it's gone like a storm.

My word is born.

Can't you see we've got to make it better

Black and white together.

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